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The survey season is just around the corner …


Is there such a thing as a quiet winter for Ecologist’s these days? With licence applications and planning submissions galore, I doubt our team feel they have been taking it easy! But all good ecologists still look forward to the new survey season.

Breeding bird and great crested newt surveys will get underway in March, with reptile and bat surveys picking up through April and May. Our surveyors can get very busy, very quickly so it’s great to get things booked in advance, where possible.

Don’t forget that whilst that Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) of a new site might be easier when plants are in flower, if we need to do protected species surveys the timing of these may be critical. Act soon to ensure nothing is missed in 2016.

Have a look at our simple CSA Ecology Survey Timetable  – we hope you find it useful.

( A little teaser – which is the great crested newt egg in the photo?)