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CIEEM publishes it’s view on Brexit


Britain’s exit from the EU has been a hot topic in ecological circles, with many ecologists concerned about what will happen to much of our European led legislation covering the protection of habitats and species. The Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) has recently published a position statement, setting out it’s views.

CIEEM advocates a continuation of protection for species and habitats in line with current EU legislation. They see it as an immediate priority for the UK government to provide certainty for all stakeholders (which very much includes the development industry, for whom the legislation can be so significant). CIEEM would like to see enabling legislation that will continue EU environmental legislation post Brexit. They see this as providing the opportunity and time to then improve and enhance the legislation over a longer time period, as well as alleviating pressure on governments and statutory agencies.

To see the full statement click here.