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Sevenoaks’ apartments gain approval


Sevenoaks District Council’s Planning Committee has resolved to grant planning permission for the erection of a 7 unit apartment block, with associated landscaping, external amenity space and parking facilities, to the rear of an existing property in the Granville Road area of Sevenoaks.

A key constraint which shaped the design of the scheme was the Granville Road and Eardley Road Conservation Area. The Site lies within the Conservation Area with a number of established trees requiring retention in order to respect the setting of not only the existing propertybut also the Conservation Area itself. Another key constraint was a large Pine tree at the front of the existing property along Granville Road, which is covered by a Tree Preservation Order. Working with the arborculturist, the positioned the vehicular access in a suitable location to protect and respect the location of this tree.

Following on from the success of this project, CSA has been retained to prepare the detailed soft landscape proposal to support the discharge of Planning Committees.