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Statutory consultee objection removed using drone technology


We were delighted to hear that Croudace Homes were successful in securing a resolution to grant outline planning permission for a residential housing scheme for up to 350 dwellings, land for a primary school, community facilities, public open space and associated infrastructure at land at Upper Cufaude Farm, Bramley in Hampshire. CSA’s Landscape Planners provided initial landscape advice and produced a landscape and visual impact assessment to support the planning application.

During the determination period Historic England and the National Trust raised concerns about the potential for intervisibility between the site and the first floor windows of the Grade 2 Listed 17th century garden pavilion, which lies within the Grade 2 Listed park and garden of The Vyne estate. As the first floor of the pavilion no longer exists, the CSA Landscape Planning team arranged for a drone to be flown within safe proximity of the windows and photographs to be taken to approximate the view. The geo-located photographs demonstrated that with the naked eye there would be no intervisibility between the garden pavilion and the site when vegetation is ‘in leaf’.

Historic England agreed with our judgement and noted that the photographs taken to replicate the view were very helpful, and concluded that ‘… the development would have no impact or a negligible impact upon the significance of the pavilion. On this basis we raise no objection to the proposal.’