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Do you understand District Level Licencing for Great Crested Newts?


District Level Licencing (DLL) is an alternative approach to traditional Great Crested Newt (GCN) licencing and mitigation, which has gradually been rolled out across England over the last few years, with East Sussex being one of the most recent areas added (October 2021).

DLL schemes offer developers the opportunity to make conservation payments into strategic habitat creation schemes aimed at ensuring the favourable conservation status of GCN populations are maintained locally, in order to meet requirements of the Conservation of Species and Habitats Regulations. DLL is an alternative approach to the traditional European Protected Species (EPS) licencing route, which must be informed by detailed GCN surveys and requires mitigation to be delivered on-site. Click here to learn more about the pros and cons of this approach as we see them.

CSA have years of experience obtaining and implementing GCN EPS licences and can advise on the most suitable route for your scheme. Whilst GCN surveys are not possible until spring (required to inform the traditional licencing route), DLL applications can be made at any time to support forthcoming planning applications. Get in touch and explore your EPS licencing options to understand the best route for your scheme.