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Accessible Green Infrastructure


In creating masterplans and landscape schemes for new developments, one of our key objectives has always been to create attractive open spaces that have good passive surveillance and cater for a broad range of residents. With the current restrictions on social distancing, the fact that we are all encouraged to work from home wherever we can, and the current need for home schooling, it is particularly gratifying to see the open spaces we have created in new developments being used more than ever by local residents.  As well as the physical and mental health benefits of exercising outdoors, they also perform an important social function and help to reinforce the sense of community and identity we always seek to create, whether that be for family housing, care homes for the elderly, or higher density city living.

With the pressing need to adapt to more sustainable forms of living, and the need to provide Biodiversity Net Gains  (BNG) when sites are developed, open spaces not only need to cater for a resident of all ages, but they equally they need to cater for wildlife. This has always been one of key our objectives, but never more so now that there is emerging policy requirements for BNG. If you need advice on how BNG can be achieved in new developments then please do not hesitate to contact us.