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Licensed Bat Mitigation in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire


In our work, where there are bats there are often bat licences! The image shows a medley of bat mitigation projects from 2023 undertaken by our Pershore Team.

TOP LEFT: A beautiful Cotswold lodge being privately renovated and restored. We used the low impact route and a Bat Mitigation Class Licence (BMCL) to enable a sensitive roof replacement to occur, maintaining roosting opportunities for bats under the stone tiles.

TOP RIGHT: A massively dilapidated, listed farmhouse built in the 16th century, being stabilised and restored. We obtained a mitigation licence to permit vital scaffolding, stabilisation and investigation works, which would ultimately destroy the minor bat roosts present within the roof structures. When the project is completed, roosting opportunities will be integrated into the renovated building.

BOTTOM LEFT: A highly complex situation where cellars containing lesser horseshoe bats required urgent asbestos removal and boiler replacement. We liaised closely with Natural England to agree unusual and bespoke approaches to safeguard the bats. A mitigation licence was obtained very quickly under reasons of Health and Safety. The breeding colony has been successfully protected and the ‘hot box’ shown started to be used by bats once the old boiler was removed.

BOTTOM RIGHT: To prove that not all bat projects are as glamorous as the last one – this image shows a one-way exclusion device on a toilet block! Using the Bat Mitigation Class Licence (BMCL) a crack used for day roosting by a single Pipistrelle bat was excluded so that the soffits could be replaced.