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Appeal Success in South Chailey and Barcombe Cross, Lewes District


We are pleased to announce that in December of last year the Inspectorate allowed two appeals in Lewes District which CSA had been involved in. On both sites, CSA worked closely Gladman Developments and provided landscape, ecological, heritage and masterplanning services. As a result of the collaborative approach, developments were brought forward that respected the character of the sites in question; the wider landscape and townscape; and the ecological value of the sites. The setting of neighbouring listed buildings was also assessed and the masterplans shaped accordingly. We also gave landscape and heritage evidence at the hearings.

South Chailey was an outline planning application for up to 56 dwellings, on a greenfield site. The Inspector identified the main issue was whether the site was a suitable location with particular regard to character and appearance and local plan polices. In her decision, the Inspector concluded that ‘the scale of development proposed on this site would respect the appearance of South Chailey, the specific character and context of the site and the quiet rural character of this settlement’.

Barcombe Cross was an outline application for up to 70 dwellings. The Inspector identified the key issues on this site as the impact on the setting of a number of heritage assets; the impact on the character and appearance of the area; and the loss of best and most versatile land. In shaping the masterplan for the site, CSA had addressed the various constraints within the site and within the neighbouring area in a sensitive manner and prepared a landscape strategy to show how the development would respect the wider countryside. The Inspector acknowledged this approach in his decision which stated that ‘urbanising effects could be minimised and in the long term, the character harm would be small based on the masterplan’.

South Chailey
Barcombe Cross