Cokerhurst Farm, Bridgwater


CSA Environmental were engaged to provide archaeology and heritage services for a 31 hectare site at Wembdon, Bridgwater, proposed for residential development. CSA also provided ecology and landscape services.

CSA prepared a heritage desk-based assessment, co-ordinated phases of archaeological evaluation (geophysical survey and trial trenching), and also prepared an Environmental Statement Chapter for the Site. CSA liaised with the archaeological advisor to the LPA and with the Conservation Officer.

Below-ground archaeological remains identified within the Site included two areas of Iron Age/Romano-British settlement and an area of medieval settlement. Both areas of Iron Age/Romano-British settlement were enclosed within perimeter ditches and were dated to the 1st century AD. The small-scale medieval settlement dates to the 10th-13th centuries. Anticipated archaeological mitigation includes targeted excavation, to ensure preservation by record.

A Grade II listed building, Cokerhurst Farmhouse, is located to the north of the Site, and has some limited views into the Site. Design measures incorporated into the proposals included the strengthening of an existing tree-lined boundary and a landscaped embankment to minimise impacts to the listed building.