East Anton, Andover


Since 1999, CSA have been working with Taylor Wimpey Plc to plan and implement an urban extension of 2,500 homes, schools, community and recreation facilities, parkland, and employment opportunities at East Anton, Andover.

Since the early stages of the project, CSA have played a leading role in the master planning of the East Anton Major Development Area (MDA). The deposit draft Local Plan allocated just 1,750 dwellings to the site, but CSA provided evidence at the Local Plan Inquiry to demonstrate how the site could be sustainably developed to accommodate 2,500 homes. The Local Plan Inspector endorsed the approach, and Test Valley Borough Council accepted their findings.

Following allocation of the site, CSA prepared the detailed master plan, design codes and landscape strategy. Outline planning permission was granted in 2008.

Now that development is nearing its final stages, it’s a good time to reflect on the huge contribution that CSA has made to the completion of a project that has delivered a major economic boost to the local community, in the form of jobs and affordable housing.

Applying expertise across multiple disciplines

CSA’s involvement with the project has spanned the Pre-Planning Stage through to Planning and Landscape Implementation. At each stage and throughout the process, CSA have developed strong working relationships with all stakeholders including the Borough Council, utilising their expertise across a wide range of disciplines to give real confidence that the project would deliver to its objectives, and provide benefits for local people.

Pre-planning Stage:

CSA undertook a range of duties including:

– Landscape and visual impact assessment;

– Masterplanning, including site opportunities and constraints;

– Landscape strategy, including strategic open space, play areas and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS);

– Design Statement and Design Code preparation;

– Landscape costing to inform commuted sum calculations and the Section 106 agreement;

– Supporting diagrams and documents (e.g. land-use plans, public rights of way plans etc.)

Planning Stage:

CSA completed detailed design work pursuant to Reserved Matters applications and planning condition clearance, including:

– Detailed designs for structural public open space and parkland areas for recreation and to create new woodland, thicket and grassland habitats;

– Play area and playing field design;

– Landscaping to the new Pavilion and Local Centre;

– Spine road landscape design, to establish tree lined avenues;

In addition, CSA assisted the Project Manager in other planning applications, including public footpath diversions.

Landscape Implementation Stage:

CSA’s involvement has continued into the implementation phases of the work and has included;

– Production of working drawings to enable tendering of landscape works for all elements of the development;

– Oversight of the tender process for all structural landscape works (including the production of tender packs, management of the tender process and recommendations for contractor selection);

– Acting as the Contract Administrator on behalf of the client to facilitate soft landscape works plus playing field and play area construction. This has included ensuring that works are satisfactorily completed to the standard required for adoption by the Local Planning Authority (LPA).

– Provision of assistance to the Project Manager in open space formal adoption processes (through the production of Land Transfer Plans and commuted sum payment calculations).

– Provision of advice and support to the client and Project Manager (including the Site Manager) in resolving site-based issues.

– Oversight of the management of areas of landscaping that have been implemented and remain under the client’s ownership. This takes the form of Contract Administrator to a landscape maintenance contract between the client and landscape contractor.

A proud achievement for CSA

As the project nears completion, CSA’s work is focused on implementing the final strategic landscape packages and installing the landscape designs that have been approved by the LPA. Several new play areas have already been adopted by the LPA and are open to the public, and CSA are currently overseeing development of an area of open space and the completion of the spine road tree planting.