Location North-West of Worcester


As well as the larger jobs, CSA’s Ecologists like to do the smaller projects too – sometimes they can be the most interesting!

When we were approached to help with a standard householder extension in Worcestershire, where bats were known to be present, we knew there’d be a reward for standing outside in the cold. Sure enough, detailed building inspections identified evidence of significant bat activity, with the first roost emergence recording 148 soprano pipistrelle bats.

Further to completion of surveys and the development of a logical bat mitigation strategy, planning permission was granted for the desired extension and CSA have quickly obtained a European Protected Species licence from Natural England to enable the building works to commence early in 2018. The measures include the protection and retention of the maternity roost and the provision of new bat roosting opportunities.

CSA have numerous staff in all three offices licenced to survey for bats and have developed considerable mitigation expertise over the last 15 years, designing spaces, access points and whole buildings for a range of different bat species. For more information or examples of our work, please get in touch. To learn more about the Bat Low Impact Class Licence (BLICL) and how this might help you, click here.