Protected species

Badger surveys

Our ecologists have experience of undertaking detailed site-specific badger surveys as well as large scale survey work at the landscape level. Badgers and their setts are protected, mainly to prevent persecution rather than for conservation reasons. In the vast majority of cases, the presence of badgers is unlikely to preclude development, but mitigation will need to be provided. You can rely on us to identify the issues and devise an appropriate mitigation solution.

Where impacts to a badger sett cannot be avoided a licence can usually be obtained from Natural England to permit disturbance or destruction. Such works much be undertaken between July and November inclusive.

Our ecologists are very experienced at obtaining mitigation licences, sometimes for last-minute situations where works need to be expedited quickly. We have the expertise and authority to find solutions and will always provide sound advice to ensure things go smoothly. When it comes to closing a sett and excluding badgers, we have the know-how and skill to do this safely and efficiently.

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