Building with Nature

Building with Nature (‘BwN’) is the UK’s first green infrastructure benchmark which provides a framework to support the creation of high quality places, delivering for both people and wildlife. It provides a series of standards that draw together policy and best practice guidance to assist developers and built environment professionals in the delivery of well designed green infrastructure and multi-functional open spaces.

BwN accreditation recognises schemes which place good quality open spaces at the heart of a development. The award acknowledges the role that well designed green infrastructure plays in providing multiple benefits, including for people’s health and wellbeing, the sustainable management of water, and for wildlife and ecology. Accreditation can assist developers in showcasing the merits of a scheme, reduce planning uncertainty, and demonstrate a commitment to delivering high quality, sustainable and desirable developments.

Applications for BwN can be made at any stage of the development plan process. At outline stage, developers can apply for Design accreditation, which assesses the performance of the proposed masterplan. At Full or Reserved Matters stage applicants can apply for Full accreditation, either good or excellent. Schemes which have received Full accreditation will be eligible to be put forward for a National award, which spot lights best practice in the sector.

CSA’s qualified BwN Approved Assessors can help achieve accreditation for new developments. At the early stages of a project we can advise about the requirements for a successful application. As the project progresses, we will work alongside other member of the design / client team to ensure compliance with the standards, in order to secure Design or Full Accreditation.

If you would like to discuss Building with Nature accreditation, please contact our Landscape Planning Team. For more information please visit