Landscape / Green Infrastructure Strategies

CSA’s Landscape Architects’ approach to strategic landscape planning is grounded in a detailed understanding of the character and qualities of a site and its connection to the wider landscape and townscape. It is informed by the initial landscape opportunities and constraints, to ensure that proposals respond to their surrounding context and can provide any necessary landscape mitigation, as well as delivering landscape and ecological enhancements.

CSA’s landscape / green infrastructure strategies clearly convey the character and quality of the new open spaces which can be delivered across a site, and are often a valuable addition at outline planning / promotion stage. We work closely with the project ecologists and engineers to ensure that proposals align with the proposed biodiversity measures and surface water strategies, and that the open spaces and GI provide a range of multifunctional benefits for people and wildlife. The plans are illustrated with imagery and cross sections, and contain details of the proposed plant species and the overall landscape approach.