Visualisations / CGI

Visualisation / Computer Generate Imagery is a powerful tool for communicating the potential effects of new development on views and the character of surrounding landscape / townscape. It can assist informed decisions, and gives decision makers and stakeholders confidence in the appearance of a scheme and the effectiveness of any proposed mitigation measures.

Current Landscape Institute Guidance on visual representation (LI Guidance Note 06/19 Visual Representation of Development Proposals) supports the use of CGIs as an aid to assessing the potential landscape and visual effects of new developments. In most instances this guidance requires that LVIAs are accompanied by a wireframe or CGI visualisation (known as a Type 3 Visualisation).

CSA can assist with the production of CGIs to support new development proposals. Whether it is photo-realistic images / photomontages to help promote and market a scheme, or 3D wire frames / massing models which enable informed judgements on the likely visibility of a development in an LVIA, CSA can advise and tailor the approach to meet the needs of the project. Where accuracy is critical we work with a surveyor to produce verified views, which ensure that the proposed development is accurately aligned within its context.